NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw

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NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw


NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw is an environmental-friendly and healthful product developed for Inner Diameter Saw process of sintered Nd-Fe-B. Its dilute solution shows desirable effect in lubricating, cooling, cleaning and rust protecting during processing. It is a self-innovative product using the cutting-edge technology of the world at present, and compounded by additives selected and bought around the world. In the application, 80% of the working fluid is water. That eliminates the danger of fire. Using this product, there will be no oil fume, no pollution to the environment. It is applicable to the Inner Diameter Saw of Nd-Fe-B, drilling and other post-processing production technologies for sintered Nd-Fe-B, and other Inner Diameter Saw processes.   

NyCut-205 is safe, non-toxic, and environmental-friendly. The oral acute toxicity tests result is "non-observed toxicity". Its compositions do not include nitrite or the known induced composition. Testing according to RoHS Directive, in the 24 subitems of the six major types, 23 subitems test results are N/D (not detective). The only detective subitem is lead, and the lead content is 1.36 ‰ of the limit value.  

Using this product, the danger of fire can be eliminated. Human health and atmospheric environment will be protected. It is completely composed of water-soluble materials, without mineral oil and other flammable substances. Fume will not emerge.

It is nonvolatile. The boiling points of its effective ingredients are high. Loss in processing is less.

It is clean, healthful, and non-irritant to skin and respiratory tract.

The finish of workpieces is good. Cutting efficiency is high. Service life of tools is long.

Antirust property for machine tool and workpiece is desirable.



NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw


After gluing, the materials shall not be processed until the glue has totally solidified (not sticky to hand), so as to prevent the pieces from falling while cutting. Generally it takes over 50 minutes for the drying after gluing. The drying process need to be much longer in humid weather. The material shall be stuck to the asbestos board for fixation.   

Before examination, the finished pieces shall be soaked in the dilute solution of this product, so as to prevent the pieces from sticking together and get good rust protection.  

Gluing and boiling materials and other processing techniques are the same as using the cutting oil.


NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw cannot be blended with other products.

When replacing the cutting oil with NyCut-205, it is necessary to drain off the previous cutting oil, thoroughly clean all the fluid feeding and circulating system (including pump, pipeline, gas duct, etc.) and all parts of the machine tool.

This product will affect the alkyd and nitro lacquer, or lacquer sprayed (painted) not in compliance with the process standard. Please timely clean this product (dilute solution) splashed on the paint surface of the machine bed with duster cloth.

Working concentration:

When preparing solution, dilute this product (concentrate) by adding water. Based on the value of the refractometer, if the value is between 11.5 and 12.5, the product can be used. After that, maintain the concentration by checking every day (or every shift). When the working concentration is a little higher, no adverse impact will be shown. If the working concentration is on the low side, protection for the tools and rust prevention will be negatively affected.    

Concentration checking method

A. Zero calibration: Open the light plate of refractometer and then clean the glass prism with soft flannel or degreasing cotton. Drip a drop of water on one side of the prism. Slightly fold the light plate and enable the water to evenly disperse on the prism surface. Expose the light plate to a light source or a bright area. Looking through the eyepiece, if the boundary between the bright area and dark area is not on the zero-scale line, adjust it with a screwdriver. If the boundary between the bright area and dark area is on the zero-scale line, it is correct. It is advisable to carry out zero calibration before each concentration checking.   

B. Checking concentration: Drip a drop of working fluid on one side of the glass prism of the refractometer. Slightly fold the light plate and enable the liquid to evenly disperse on the prism surface. Expose the light plate to a light source or a bright area and use the eyepiece to observe the location of the boundary between the bright area and dark area (ruler scale), namely the value of the refractometer. If the value is between 11.5 and 12.5, the concentration is correct. This concentration shall be maintained during processing.

To ensure desirable rust protection and machining effect, it is necessary to supplement water every shift and maintain the concentration of working fluid, namely test the concentration with a concentration measurement meter (WY-20R handhold refractometer). When the value is higher than 12.5, supplementing water shall be done. When the value is lower than 11.5, supplement this product (concentrate) shall be done.    

NyCut-205 Coolant for Inner Diameter Saw

During processing, the color of working fluid will become darker. That is normal. It is only necessary to keep the stipulated working concentration from affecting the application performance. When fixing the material onto the glass, be sure to prevent falling of pieces while cutting.   

Don’t use high salt (or high chloridion) water. The best effect is using DI water.

The data of this document are based on the experiment on theJ5060E1 automatic Inner Diameter Saw.    

Storage: It shall be sealed and stored indoor in the temperature 5~50℃. If you can store appropriately, no shelf-life will be required.

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