EC-M Antirust Emulsified Oil

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EC-M Antirust Emulsified Oil


The EC-M Antirust Emulsified Oil is a developed product targeting at the magnesium and magnesuim-aluminium alloy cutting and grinding process. It has outstanding overall antirust performance, especially the prevention of spots on the processed surface. The product exhibits long rust protection life inner processes and highly withstands to hard water.

It is suitable for various machining centers and NC machine tools and for processing various ferrous and nonferrous metals. This product does not contain chloridion or chlorine products.

It is not advisable to use the product to process stainless steel and other hard materials.    

Method of use:    

Put the calculated amount of concentrate into the fluid reservoir with enough water, and then turn on the emulsion feeding pump to circulate and stir till uniform emulsion formed.

Working concentration:  

Grinding: 3-5%; Cutting: approx. 5%.

Maintaining and keeping proper concentration of the working fluid plays a pivotal role in keeping the stability, antirust property and service life of the working fluid.   


Before using this product, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all the equipments and its cooling system to remove the previous liquid waste and residue. Otherwise, the stability, antirust property and service life of the working fluid will be affected. (For users within our service scope, our company will offer cleaning service.)

Storage: It shall be sealed and stored indoor in the temperature 10~50℃. If you can store appropriately, no shelf-life will be required.

Packing: Net weight 16kg (PVC bucket) and net weight 170kg (painted steel bucket).


 Our aim is: Adhere to technological progress & Continuously provide users with satisfactory products and services  

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