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  Beijing Dongxing Lubricant Limited Company is professional on researching and developing metalworking fluids and special lubricants. We have strong technical force. First-class experts guide and lead R&D work. A group of senior and intermediate technical personnel engaged in product R&D and production control. The cutting fluids and EDM fluids researched and produced by us are in the domestic leading level. The anti hard water property of antirust emulsified oil is in the international advanced level. Furthermore, as the industry progressing, our technology is continuously improving. Our customers are throughout the manufacturing and processing field of machine tool, machinery, bearing, mold, aerospace and so on. Our products are widely used by various types of enterprises and research institutes to replace imported products. High quality and cost performance products, excellent service and technical support are widely praised by users.

Products main features:
  1. Pretty good lubricity and extreme pressure property can meet various precision of machining requirements from customers;
  2. Good corrosion protection property (particularly in hard water) and long period corrosion protection for inner processes;
  3. Non-toxic, harmless, and nitrite free. According to the acute oral toxicity tested by “Institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention”, the test result is “non-observed toxicity”;
  4. Good antibacterial activity. Emulsion will not turn to be putrid and smelly in summer. Tank life is long;
  5. Working fluids have good stability (particularly in hard water) and excellent water quality adaptability.




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