DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate

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DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate



    DIC-206 is energy-saving and emission-reduction type WEDM fluid. The formula of DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate is completely made up of water-soluble materials. Electrical corrosion products can disperse in the water solution quickly, and could be separated after sedimentation and filtration. Rat oral acute toxicity tests result is "non-observed toxicity". No black sludge will emerge on the cutting surface of workpiece. It is the technical leading working fluid for “Medium speed WEDM” (NC reciprocating travelling wire electrical-discharge machines with repeated cut function); with outstanding features of health and safety and so on. All of the RoHS Directive items testing results are “N/D” (not detected).

Working Concentration: 

  Concentrate has to be diluted by pure water (DI water). Suitable working concentration is recommended in the operating manual. It shall be check by handhold refractometer WY-20R. Supplementing water is necessary every shift in daily work. After that, checking and judging if supplementing DIC-206 concentrate is necessary must be done. Since the boiling points of effective components in working fluid are higher than water, the concentration will generally increase if water is not supplemented.


1. A suitable filter (we can offer) must be installed on the exit of circulating pump to remove larger particles of electrical corrosion products. Then, the effect of cutting process could be ensured, and the using term of working fluid could be long.
2. DIC-206 cannot be blended with other WEDM fluids for use.
3. When using DIC-206 instead of emulsion coolant, the following steps shall be done: 
A. The whole fluid feeding and circulating system, after draining off the previous emulsion, shall be cleaned thoroughly with suitable cleaning agent.
B. The machining parameters shall be regulated: increasing the electric current and the feed rate properly.
4. If there are some oxidation products leaving on the machined surface of workpieces after operating with DIC-206, use alcohol to erase. Or, grit blasting can get better effect. 
5. Rust protection of workpieces and other ferrous metal parts must be done every week, using 16.7% working fluid coating on the surfaces to be protected with brush or other adequate tools.
6. Electrical corrosion products that leave on the bridge board, bracket and operating platform shall be cleaned up often (about one or two times one week).


 1. We highly recommend you to use DI water!
 2. It is possible to appear electrochemical etching occurring on the aluminum wire reservoir if the surfaces of aluminum wire reservoir have not been hardened.
Storage: It shall be sealed and stored indoor in the temperature 5~50℃. If you can store appropriately, no shelf-life will be required.
Packing: Net weight 10kg (plastic bucket). The packing bucket of DIC-206 is our design patent. Without permission of our company, nobody can use this packingbucket.

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