DIC-098 WEDM Concentrate

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DIC-098 WEDM Concentrate


DIC-098 WEDM Concentrate is the update product replaced DX-2aemulsified WEDM fluid. DIC-098 was a new product of year 2009, which draws lessons from DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate. Compared with the emulsified WEDM fluid, the mineral oil in DIC-098 has been cut down 70% and the surfactants have been increased by 30%. It has many advantages such ashigher cutting efficiency, easier blanking. Furthermore, it is cost-effective product.

Main feature:

1. Electrical corrosion products is few, clean ability is good, chip removal is smooth, cutting efficiency is high (the effect is pronounced when cutting thick workpieces).

2. Pyrolysis products are few, non-toxicity, no irritation smell, protecting the safety and health of people.

3. Wettability is good. Make the processing stable, and wire electrode not easy to break off. Processing precision is high and finish is good.

4. Dissolving in water instantly, and highly adaptable to water (as long as the water is clean).

5. Concentration can be maintained by supplementing original concentrate. The working fluid can be used for a long-term. Therefore, working fluid replacing times can be cut down. Thus, emission of oil will reduce. Our environment will get more protection.

6. Using DIC-098 working fluid for small hole high speed EDM, the brass electrode can be saved 2.5 times more than using water.


Working concentration:

1. Using for WEDM, the concentration is 5-7% (generally 1 part concentrate diluted by 15 times water). User can decide the appropriate concentration according to the materials and different thickness of workpieces. The concentration shall be higher in thick workpieces machining, and lower in thin workpieces machining. 
2. Using for small hole high speed EDM, the concentration shall be 8% (1 part concentrate diluted by 12 times water).
1, Put calculated amount of concentrate into the fluid reservoir, and add 15 times water. Then, open the fluid feeding pump to circulate and stir till uniform. If the water is very hard, concentration shall be appropriately increased (E.g. 8% that is 12 times water).
2, Supplementing concentrate or water to maintain concentration (supplementary amount is according to the cutting effect) every one or two shift can make the product using for a long time, reducing the replacement.
1. This product cannot be blended with other products. Otherwise, the machining effect will be affected (E.g., stink and so on).
2. If once stank when you use other WEDM fluid, thoroughly cleaning must be done after you use DIC-098 two or three days for the first time. Then, use DIC-098 working fluid ordinarily. It will not stink.
Storage: It shall be sealed and stored indoor in the temperature 5~50℃. If you can store appropriately, no shelf-life will be required.
Packing: Net weight 16kg, PVC bucket.


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We friendly recommended energy saving, emission reduction, clean production and environmental protection technological product --

DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate

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